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Thursday, January 16, 2014

How To Practice Your Weight Shift for the Full Golf Swing

How To Practice Your Weight Shift for the Full Golf Swing

Bobby Eldridge - head pro for Pure Point Golf - shows you how to practice your weight shift and produce a much more consistent golf swing.

It is absolutley critical to learn the feel of a proper weight shift if you want more distance and consistency in your golf swing.

The truth is the most common fault amatuer golfers have with their driver is slicing.

The core belief in Bobby's groundbreaking new Simple Golf Swing System is the ability to swing around a stable spine and make the proper weight shift giving you a powerful and consistent golf swing.

By swinging around a stable spine you set yourself up to make a nice weight shift, it's almost impossible not to! You will coil up like a cobra - just let the the natural laws of physics to happen and the downswing will happen automatically - just let it happen.

The result - a powerful explosion through the ball at impact.

Golfers who slice the ball usually have a lot of sway in their backswing so they start the downswing by lunging at the ball with their shoulders, this is a classic slice move.

You must start the downswing with a bump of your hips - the proper weight shift allows you to do this.

Watch Bobby Eldridge show you in this video how this slicing fault is made in the golf swing and how to fix it.

Play well.

John Lynch

About The Author:
John Lynch is owner of Golf Swing Secrets Revealed and has reviewed hundreds of golf swing aid products. To learn about a controversial golf swing system that lengthens your drives and will shave 7 strokes off your next round, tap here===> Simple Golf Swing

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Truth About Keeping Your Left Arm Straight In Golf

The Truth About Keeping Your Left Arm Straight In Golf.

Set up - small

Should you keep your left Arm Straight?

One of the most common myths with the golf swing is you need to keep your left arm straight (for a right hand golfer). This is simply not true. There are golfers on the PGA Tour who allow their left arm to bend at the top of their backswing and still play great golf.

Many golfers are simply not flexible enough to keep their arm straight at the top of the back swing. There is no one way to swing the golf club, but there are parameters that we should all try to work within to give ourselves the best opportunity for success.

Width is the key NOT arm straight

Width in the golf swing refers to the distance your hands are from your swing center, the middle of your chest, during the golf swing. It is accepted that if you are able to keep your hands away from the body, thus having good width in the swing, then you will be more consistent and hit the ball farther. This has often been misinterpreted to mean that the left arm must stay straight in the back swing, as this will give maximum width.

In reality what we are trying to do is to simply take the distance between the hands and the center of the chest at address and maintain that distance for as long as possible throughout the swing. The less this distance changes during the back swing, the less you will need to make the equal and opposite change in the down swing to get the club back to the ball.

How do you generate width during the swing?

At address the left arm is bent slightly and the goal should be to maintain that same slight flex to the top of the backswing. This will keep the arms and hands relaxed and allow them to react correctly to the body’s change of direction at the start of the downswing. If you try to keep the left arm locked straight, tension levels increase and the added tension will slow the club head down as you swing back to the ball as well as make it difficult to get the club on plane in the downswing.

It is important though that the left arm does not bend excessively. Too much bending, or collapsing of the left arm can cause tendonitis in the elbow due to it straightening and then meeting resistance in the form of the ground at the completion of the extension. It will also produce inconsistency as the bending going back and straightening coming down are two additional moves that you now need to coordinate correctly.

So what is the correct width in the backswing and how can you practice it correctly? A great drill for this is done using a piece of string. Take one end of the string and tie it to one of the buttons on your shirt. Take the other end and tie it to your right thumb, so that in your address position the string is taught. Now go to the top of your backswing and try to keep the piece of string the same stretch throughout the backswing.

Your ability to maintain the tautness of the string will depend on your levels of flexibility, but your goal should be to keep it as it was at address. Take several practice swing with the string before trying to hit a few shots with the ball on a low tee.

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String at address
Top of Backswing

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always comments are welcome and appreciated.
Hope this helps!

About The Author:
John Lynch is owner of Golf Swing Secrets Revealed and has reviewed hundreds of golf swing aid products. To learn about a controversial golf swing system that lengthens your drives and will shave 7 strokes off your next round, tap here: Simple Golf Swing

Friday, October 4, 2013

Simple Golf Swing Tip - How To Maintain a Fixed Spine Angle

Simple Golf Swing Tip - How To Maintain a Fixed Spine Angle

Maintaining your spine angle during the golf swing is critical to executing consistent & solid golf shots. You've probably heard someone say to you once or twice in your golfing career "You lifted your head up" when you performed a less than desirable golf shot.

The truth is, your head being lifted during your golf swing was an effect, not the root cause. The root cause of your head being lifted was a lack of maintaining a fixed spine angle THROUGHOUT the full golf swing.

Golf exercises can help you maintain a fixed spine angle in your golf swing. A number of components are required for successful golf shots. No matter if you are on the tee box or hitting a short iron shot to the green a fixed spine angle is necessary. As we all know changes in your spine angle can cause you to make compensations in your swing. Leading to miss-hits and bogies rather than those beloved birdies!

Overall, a number of physical components are necessary for the proper execution of any golf shot. The reason for this is the fact that the club needs to move through a long range of motions on the correct swing plane. This leaves you with little margin for error in every phase in the swing.

Now, in order for you to execute the golf swing properly, you must have certain levels of flexibility, balance, strength, and power. If your body is lacking in any or all of these physical components, the golf swing may be difficult for you to perform correctly.

Strength relative to the golf swing can be defined as the ability of your muscles to exert the required levels of force to perform the movements within the swing. If your body is lacking in the levels of strength required of the golf swing. The ability to maintain your spine angle and postural positions of the swing will be compromised.

As stated previously the process of developing muscular strength for the golf swing is relatively simple. It consists of utilizing golf specific strength training exercises to develop the required levels of strength to maintain a consistent spine angle in your golf swing.

One such strength exercise I use quite frequently with professional golfers maintaining a fixed spine angle is "Bent Knee Marches".
This is a simple exercise to perform and is very good at developing strength in the hips, abdominals, lower back, and hamstrings. All of which are important muscles in the maintenance of your spine angle.

Begin the exercise by lying with your back flat on the floor, knees bent, and feet together. Point your toes upward by pressing the heels into the floor. Elevate your hips off the floor inline with your knees and shoulders.

Slowly lift the left heel off the floor maintaining a bend in the knee and hips elevated. Continue to lift the heel 3-4 inches off the floor, pause for one second, and return to the starting position of the exercise. Repeat the "lift' with the right heel. Alternate back and forth for 10-15 repetitions.

Fact is a fixed spine angle is absolutely essential in a fundamentally sound golf swing.

Here's more...

Maintaining a fixed spine angle requires certain levels of muscular strength. Muscular strength for the golf swing can be improved through golf exercises such as the one described above. Keep in mind it is a series of golf exercises within a golf fitness program that can have a positive effect on both your spine angle and golf swing.

Play well.

About The Author: John Lynch is owner of Golf Swing Secrets Revealed and has reviewed hundreds of golf swing aid products. To learn about a controversial golf swing system that lengthens your drives and will shave 7 strokes off your next round, tap here: Simple Golf Swing

Monday, September 23, 2013

Best Golf Swing Alignment Tip

Best Golf Swing Alignment Tip
Dear Golfer,

The root causes of most golfers swing issues can be summed up as follows:

1. Your golf swing alignment is off.

2. You are not swinging the golf club on plane.

Proper golf swing alignment can be accomplished quite easily with some practice at home. Like a scope on a high powered rifle - proper swing alignment is crucial to hitting the golf ball to your target every time.

Here's a 5 step drill for proper golf swing alignment every time:
  1. Lay a golf club behind the ball pointing parallel to your target line illustrated in the PIC above.
  2. Lay a golf club on the ground about a foot in front of where your feet will be - like the picture above shows - both clubs on the ground should be parallel to each other.
  3. For proper ball positioning, lay a 3rd club perpendicular to and on top of the club nearest your feet like the picture above illustrates. The club should point directly at the ball and sit directly below the logo on your shirt - left side of your chest(by using your shirt logo as a ball positioning guide for ALL YOUR CLUBS, what this essentially is doing is placing the ball more in the middle of your stance with your shorter irons, and placing the ball more closer to your left foot with your longer clubs - this is because as your golf club length increases - so does the width of your stance).
  4. Now take your stance with a mid iron like a 7 and make sure your shoulders, hips, and feet are all parallel to the club nearest your feet. You can ensure your shoulders and hips are aligned properly by placing a club against your shoulders then your hips, making sure this club is parallel to the one on the ground. Adjust your shoulders/hips/feet as needed until parallel to the club nearest your feet. This is gonna feel quite different at first if you're used to having improper swing alignment.
  5. Take some practice swings imagining you are sending the ball to your target. Your target should be relatively small but big enough so you can see it easily - like a tree branch in the distance. Some people imagine seeing a line that represents the flight of the ball, whatever target visualization works for you. Practice this drill over and over until it becomes automatic, this may take some time but is well worth the results. You can practice this drill on the range while you hit balls as well. The pros do this drill all the time!
Here's a tip for swinging the golf club on plane: Swinging the golf club on plane, requires either a swing coach or a training aid that gives you instant feedback when your golf swing is off plane. Since swing coaches can be very spendy, I tend to recommend golf training aids where you can practice in the comfort of your own home, especially during these long, cold winter months just a head for a lot of us golfers.

In case you wanna read some excellent reviews on the top golf training aids that give you instant feedback when your golf swing is off plane, tap here: Top Golf Training Aids

Hope this helps.

About The Author:
John Lynch is owner of Golf Swing Secrets Revealed and has reviewed hundreds of golf swing aid products. To learn about a controversial golf swing system that lengthens your drives and will shave 7 strokes off your next round, tap here: Simple Golf Swing

Monday, October 17, 2011

Is The Simple Golf Swing A Scam?

The Simple Golf Swing Review
simple golf swing reviewDear golfer,

Let's get something dead straight before we start...

I have never believed in using golf instructional guides by themselves to improve your golf game.

Really, I don't...

It seems more and more now these golf instructional guides all have great sales pages promising instant cures in your golf swing. New golfers see "You will play like a golfing god in 2 weeks", and think "wow! GOLFING GOD huh, here's my credit card info."

Then the same golfers who bought the golf instructional guides realize that a list of instructions mean nothing on it's own - only after wasting their cash on the ebooks...and then the next hot golf instructional book comes out and the cycle repeats itself.

Great for the guys who sell the golf books, pretty crappy for the poor new golfer who bought it.

So you can imagine my reluctance when The Simple Golf Swing ebook came across my desk for review.

It was written by David Nevogt who claims he has helped tens of thousands of golfers around the world improve their golf game.

I did some research and to my surprise The Simple Golf Swing is currently the No.1 selling golf instructional system online.

Okay, so it sells well, so what??

As I began to peel back the onion on The Simple Golf Swing, I became intrigued by something I have never seen taught before in any other golf instructional guide - "The concept of swinging around a stable spine axis to promote power and consistency."

Most golf instructional guides simply mention this in passing and never give credence to this very important golf swing concept.

I have always been a huge advocate of swinging around a stable spine. When someone says "You lifted your head up", what they really mean is you lost your spine angle - one of the most common faults of the average golfer.

The truth is most weekend golfers do NOT keep their spine angle stable throughout the golf swing.

I know what you're saying - "easier said than done!"

Simply telling a golfer to "Keep your head still" doesn't work because then the same golfer becomes restricted and doesn't make a proper shoulder turn - losing precious yardage as a result.

Here's the deal...

If you wanna develop a mechanically sound golf swing you can repeat again and again, it is absolutely critical you find a bullet proof method that teaches you to swing around a stable spine and still make a proper shoulder turn...

And the way The Simple Golf Swing teaches you this is so easy it's down right spooky!

Main Benefits Of The Simple Golf Swing:

1. The Simple Golf Swing contains a step-by-step guide with detailed photos to teach you the correct way to grip the club. Instructions for the interlocking and the overlapping grip are included. You learn the best grip for your swing.

2. Learn a method to check your grip the club the same way for every shot.

3. Learn a procedure to ensure your grip promotes straight ball flight.

4. Learn a secret to align the club face so you don't push the ball right. This is a problem many golfers face, but luckily it is an easy one to fix.

5. Learn the revolutionary setup. The Simple Golf Swing setup allows you to swing around your spine. The key is to limit the amount of horizontal and vertical body movement during the swing. This setup automatically gives you the correct swing plane promoting consistency and power. It's given to you in a step-by-step procedure and is easy to remember on the course.

6. Learn to get to the top of your backswing, and how to get into the same position for every shot. The Simple Golf Swing teaches you an inside-out swing you can use to automatically hit the fairway.

7. Learn where to stop your backswing. The Simple Golf Swing teaches a shorter backswing than most. A short backswing promotes consistency, and increased distance. Remember, golf is a game of opposites.

8. Discover the distance secret many instructors don't even address because it's so hard to teach. Here's a hint: A simple Hand Action to increase your swing speed by 10 mph.

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About The Author: John Lynch is owner of Golf Swing Secrets Revealed and has reviewed hundreds of golf swing aid products. To learn about a controversial golf swing system that lengthens your drives and will shave 7 strokes off your next round, tap here===> Simple Golf Swing

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Simple Golf Swing - How Tiger Swings Around A Stable Spine [VIDEO]

Slow mo Video on how Tiger Woods swings around a stable spine

Check out this slow mo video analysis on Tiger Woods' golf swing. Notice how he swings around a stable spine keeping him on the correct swing plane.

Tiger has very little lower body turn combined with an incredible shoulder turn giving him what top PGA tour swing instructor Jim McLean calls "high X Factor" - the difference between lower body and upper body coil.

Because Tiger is so stacked at the top of his golf swing, he generates an insane amount of power on the downswing - a pure golf swing if there ever was one!

So what can you learn from Tiger's swing? pgatourswing

In a nutshell - "swing around a stable spine"

Watch how stable Tiger keeps his spine during the backswing as he coils up like a cobra.

So you're probably asking yourself right now if there is a golf teaching system where you can learn how to swing just like Tiger does?

A system that teaches you how to swing around a stable spine...

The truth is, there is a golf training system that teaches a bullet-proof golf swing any golfer, regardless of ability, can learn very quickly and easily.

Learn the whole system in about three hours. And two weeks later, you'll be playing great golf!
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About The Author:
John Lynch is owner of No. 1 Golf Book Reviews and has reviewed hundreds of golf instructional products. To read more about how you can develop a PGA tour swing, John recommends you visit: Simple Golf Swing